Senior Process Technician - 3rd Shift

Company Name:
Flambeau, Inc
This is skilled work in the maintenance and repair of production machinery and facility involving multiple moderately complex trade specialties. Must function at the journey level in at least two trades, such as Electrical, HVAC, Hydraulics and Mechanical. Must be enrolled in or completed Millwright training and apprenticeship. Supports other maintenance associates in their day to day activities.
Essential Job Functions:
Preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance of assigned equipment.
Record keeping of PM and repairs performed.
Use prints, operating manuals, sketches, and diagrams to dismantle, assemble, trouble shoot or repair equipment.
Communicate equipment problems or unfinished jobs to next shift of maintenance and production supervisor.
Communicate with OEM service representatives to aid in part orderingand problem solving.
Must posses Flambeau Inc. forklift license.
Work in a safety conscious manner.
Watch for and report/repair safety hazards immediately.
Report needs for maintenance and supplies.
Maintain a positive attitude with co-workers and employer.
Must be team player and work well with a wide variety of people.
Must be proficient in trouble shooting skills and ability to repair / rebuild plastic molding machines and other production related equipment.
Must know and be qualified in the company's LOTO procedures.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Must be at a skilled mechanics level.
Must be extremely proficient in mold processing of existing jobs, materials and secondary equipment.
Use of advanced trades mathematics together with the use of complicated drawings, specifications, charts, tables, handbook formulas; all varieties of precision measuring instruments, NC/CNC equipment, multi-machine work stations, personal computer and specific software application programs of a technical nature involving a thorough technical skills knowledge plus the application of basic theory.
Journey level skills in at least three trades pertinent to our operation.
Skill in the use and care of tools and equipment necessary to the work.
Proficiency in hydraulics, electrical and pneumatics.
Ability to operate the more common types of machine shop equipment.
Knowledge of PLC trouble shooting and proficiency in trouble shooting and repair of simpler systems.
Demonstrate ability to follow written and verbal instructions.
Required Skills
Physical Demand:
Continuously lifting or moving material of light weight (up to 10 pounds).
Frequently lifting or moving average weight material (between 25# to 60#).
Occasionally lifting or moving heavy weight material (over 60#).
Must be able to climb equipment, ladders and steep stairs.
Must have sufficient strength, agility and dexterity to perform required tasks.
Required Experience
Use of broad conceptual judgment, initiative and ingenuity to work independently toward ultimate objectives on very involved and complex projects, to devise methods and procedures to meet unusual conditions and to make original contributions to the solution of complex problems.
Ability to give proper and accurate instructions.
High School Education and/or PlasTrac or equivalent experience. Must be enrolled in or completed Millwright training and apprenticeship. Would prefer a two year degree in Industrial Maintenance or five years of experience in Industrial Maintenance.
Tracking Code: 216996-942
Job Location: Baraboo, Wisconsin, United States
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

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